Tour Dates

13 Jul 2024
Point Pleasant NJ (Sold out) Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club Point Pleasant.
Extra date added
14 Jul 2024
Point Pleasant NJ Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club. Extra Show
26 Jul 2024
Rochester, NY Comedy @Carlson
July 26/27
11 Aug 2024
Philadelphia Punchline
25 Sep 2024
Milwaukee Improv

Des Bishop Podcast

Stand up comic Des Bishop, talks to Comics, Politicians, Artists and whoever he finds interesting about life on both sides of the Atlantic.

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My Book

Mike Bishop died in February 2011. Now Des has written a memoir inspired by the stage show, by the startling discoveries he made about his father’s background before he died, and by his own realisation of what it means to finally grow up.

The book is a funny, wise and unforgettable story of a father, a son and what really matters.

‘A totally compelling story about a father’s sacrifices, and the midlife awakening of an errant son… He brings honesty, perceptiveness and thirty-five years’ worth of bottled-up love’.


Made in China (2015)

Tongues (2007)

Work Experience (2004)

Fitting In (2006)

Desfunctional (2009)

In The Name of the Fada (2008)

Live at Vicar Street (2004)

Three Classic Performances (2006)

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