Mia Mamma

I am often asked “where do you get your material from?” The truth is really that I try to see the funny in everything. My mother died in March 2019 and of course it was sad and grief can be tough sometimes but I saw a lot of funny in that too. Since death comes to us all and grief is something most of us will experience I thought there must be plenty of people who would like that funny to be shared. Also I did a show about my Dad being sick back in 2010 and I couldn’t face my mother in the afterlife because I know her first question would be “your Father got a show, how come I didn’t get one?”

I think it’s tougher to lose your mum. My Dad was best supporting actor. My mother was the actress in a leading role. You are never ready when the star of the show dies. So this is a show about My mother. It’s a show about motherhood and sacrifice, anxiety and grief, the mistakes you make as a mother and a son and the hard road to forgiveness and finally it’s about loss, grief and the chaos that surrounds it.

Where do I get my material from?

Life and death!

Tour Dates

29 Jun 2024
Stamford, CT New York Comedy Club
11 Jul 2024
Philadelphia Punchline
13 Jul 2024
Point Pleasant NJ (Sold out) Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club Point Pleasant.
Extra date added
14 Jul 2024
Point Pleasant NJ Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club. Extra Show
26 Jul 2024
Rochester, NY Comedy @Carlson
July 26/27

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Mike Bishop died in February 2011. Now Des has written a memoir inspired by the stage show, by the startling discoveries he made about his father’s background before he died, and by his own realisation of what it means to finally grow up.

The book is a funny, wise and unforgettable story of a father, a son and what really matters.

‘A totally compelling story about a father’s sacrifices, and the midlife awakening of an errant son… He brings honesty, perceptiveness and thirty-five years’ worth of bottled-up love’.


Made in China (2015)

Tongues (2007)

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Fitting In (2006)

Desfunctional (2009)

In The Name of the Fada (2008)

Live at Vicar Street (2004)

Three Classic Performances (2006)

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